Well, I think it’s clear there are people misunderstanding the fact that he said only donate if you want to. He wasn’t begging for money. He was saying that he wanted to spend his time and energy on a cause he’s passionate about (and I thought others were too) and he would still love you even if you couldn’t or didn’t want to donate. Do you know how many people do campaigns like this? He set out to do this originally and probably felt it was falling flat in his current/past situation. I wish people would try to understand this instead of being so quick to turn their backs on Drew like this.

When you lose what you love, remember to stay strong. Look out the window and remember life goes on.

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i am genuinely depressed by drew leaving but i promised i would always support the boys so i’m going to continue to do so

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can we just talk about the lyrics in Do What You Love:

'Wish you were here, then we could write together again. I think that I am missing my old friend. And then I realize, I don’t need you. I’ve had what I needed this whole time. Do what you love.’ 

like fuck




but that also means theyre supporting what he’s doing which i think is awesome


Drew Better not receive any hate. We have to keep supporting him and the boys.


since X Factor removed it, here’s the boys full audition, Vincent Tomas and all. 

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"when you lose what you love remember to stay strong" really relevant rn

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Just listen to this. I’m not asking you to agree with me. I’m not asking for your approval. Just listen to it. Please and Thank you.

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Guys he just posted this.

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Can people not call drew a dick. I know we’re all upset right now but he needs to do what’s right for himself and his career. Would you honestly want him to stay with the group if he’d lost his passion for it and was unhappy?

Oh and guys please don’t hate on Drew. Please please please.

I’ll support the boys no matter what but I’m just having a really really hard time envisioning Emblem3 without Drew. I know he needs to do what’s right for him, it’s just such a heartbreaking thing to hear about.

So, Drew left Emblem3 and I’m not sure how to react right now.

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